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Spacemacs cheatsheet for Vim users

This cheatsheet is geared more towards past Vim users, and is focused on Spacemacs specific shortcuts (not Vim).


SPC h SPC Help

SPC ? Search bindings


SPC s j Show Imenu (variables, classes, enums, etc.)

SPC d d Lookup word at cursor with dash

Z Z Save buffer and close

SPC j = Indent buffer or selected region

z o Open fold

z c Close fold

z r Open folds

z m Close folds

SPC ; Comment current visual selection

SPC ; i { Would comment inner { block, etc.


SPC g s Show (Magit)git status

? Show available keys/commands for Magit window

SPC SPC <char> Jump to any word starting with (on screen)

SPC y Jump to any line (on screen)

SPC c s Clear search/highlight


SPC a u Undo tree

SPC x ... Handy text commands


SPC b b <name> Create buffer / list buffers

SPC f e h help about current layer

SPC b n Next buffer

SPC TAB Previous buffer

SPC b p Previous buffer

SPC b d Kill current buffer

SPC b K Kill other buffers


SPC w - Create horizontal split

SPC w / Creat vertical split

SPC w h Go to window left of current

SPC w j Go to window below current

SPC w k Go to window above current

SPC w l Go to window right of current

SPC w = Balance split windows

SPC w c Close/delete current window


SPC m g t Open ~/

t Toggle todo/done

SHIFT + TAB Fold/unfold sections


SPC f t Toggle neotree

SPC p t Toggle neotree for project path

| Create vertical split with selected file

- Create horizontal split with selected file


SPC ' Open shell

C-c C-c Send terminate signal to shell

Spotify (key bindings are not correct)

C-n Next item.

C-p Previous item.

RET Play this track.

C-z Play this album.

TAB More options.

C-h m Full list of keyboard shortcuts.

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